Most young women entering adulthood are not as prepared as they should be. Life can be extremely difficult, and if not prepared for it, the outcome could be devastating. By teaching them specific self-mastery skills, they will be able to apply them to inevitable challenges they encounter in their life. Self-Mastery relates to ALL areas of a woman's life, friends, family, intimate relationships, careers, business ventures, parenthood, and so much more. Wouldn't it be better to learn the self-mastery skills necessary before life hands out the lessons in different way?

I know for me, I had to learn through very difficult experiences that took me more than two decades to learn. Like most adults in their 40's, I have countless examples of  "If I only knew back then what I know now..." moments that lessons in life tend to give you. 

I've combined life experience, education, and my professional expertise to create a program for women who are just starting out in adulthood. I packed it with everything I needed to know, all those years ago. Much of the content was inspired by my own challenges and insights gained through the wisdom that comes from difficult experience. 

By gaining competence in these areas early on, I am confident they will have the ability to create better lives for themselves, while escaping the harsh realities of bad relationships, unfulfilling careers, stress and burnout, poverty and lack, not to mention the countless other ways to settle for less in life. I personally guarantee that these women will be better equipped for life's journey, after taking this program. 

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Program Begins August 16
My name is Brandie Allen. I'm a Transformational Coach for women, and a former Hypnotherapist. I am Certified Domestic Violence Professional. I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, and I am the Author of The Power of Self-Mastery: Changing Your Life Through Discovery, Exploration, and Transformation. I am also the mother of two adult children, one son and one daughter. My life's work is to teach self-mastery skills to women everywhere through my books, programs, and speaking events.

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